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Michael Asen
4/21/2012 01:01:30 pm

Saw Peace Love and Misunderstanding at Sarasota Film Festival this week. Richie Friedman told me your new song was in it. Im guessing it was when the two youngish characters were driving. Well done. If there is film justice the movie will do well. Would like to hear you guys play in NYC at some point since I am frequently there to see one of my sons, but if you get a gig in Maine where I live let me know...good to catch up with you ..a long trip since New Paltz

7/9/2012 03:31:30 pm

I'm just browsing around your site for the first time, interesting read

Linda Dorfman Devlin
10/5/2012 08:50:32 pm

Hi Cousin! It's been many years. Spoke to Shelley last night. When you get a chance give me a buzz.. My Dad Al is very proud of your success.

linda Dorfman DevlinRemember
10/5/2012 08:58:07 pm

Remember the time at the Improv in NYC with Bobby Kelton.....

Jerry Lamonica
9/20/2016 04:46:50 pm

Gary give a call when you get a chance.
(Jerry gray hair smae age as you, extra)


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